Our Policy

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Once we’ve had our consultation and a deposit is made the magic begins! As exciting as this process is, i do ask for absolutely no interruptions. Complete design space allows me to create the very best design for you! Each design is given attention to detail, created with integrity and interruption compromise the entire design. All work sent will have my watermark on it. Please don’t ask me to remove it until complete payment is made. Please be aware your order is not my only order I have to complete. So please don’t rush. Logo is done base on your description but if any assistance is needed with logo plan, I can help out. My respond to messages are always on time. Always send over your email once payment is made because once a logo is finalized it will be sent via email for clarity and transparency purposes. Loss of communication for more than 2 weeks, I will not work with you any longer. Always note that your satisfaction is our utmost priority. 


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